ATTENTION: Effective January 1, 2016, the Altoona City Local Earned Income Tax Rate has changed. The new rates are as follows: Altoona City Resident Rate - 1.6% Altoona City Non-Resident Rate - 1.5% The Altoona City PSD Code is 070101
Online Filing Information

Online Filing Available!


Individual Taxpayers:

NEW - Individual Quarterly Estimated Payments NOW accepted via PALite.  Log into PALite and follow the instructions.  

Individuals have the ability to file their individual local earned income tax return online using PALite.  Some restrictions apply.  Please follow the link to begin the process. 



Employers that are interested in online filing of local earned income and local services tax, please contact  the Blair County Tax Collection Bureau to receive a registration form and logon instructions. 

Visit once you receive your information.

Form: New Employer Online Filing Questionnaire

Sample: Employer EIT Excel File Format 16KB

Sample: Employer LST Excel File Format 15KB

PALITE and Excel File Uploads

Recently, changes were made to PALITE’s Microsoft Excel processing components. The updates were required to meet the evolving challenges that the system faces as threats from the Internet continue to grow. The updates helped to improve the security of your data and the stability of the system as threats to the Internet evolve.

In some cases, previously accepted Microsoft Excel files uploaded to PALITE now fail some of those security or content checks, and you may receive new messages you haven’t encountered before. In the past, many of these security or content violations were ignored, and no errors reported to you.

You’re receiving this message because you may have encountered such a situation…where a file you successfully uploaded in a prior reporting period may now be rejected by PALITE.

Excel File Fails to Upload to PALITE – Resolving the Problem

First, what version of Excel are you using?
    *PALITE will ONLY support XLS (Excel 97-2003) and XLSX (Excel 2007+)*
    *PALITE will NOT support XLS (Excel 95) and older versions*
    *PALITE will REJECT Excel files if saving an Excel 2007-2016 file as
    “something.XLS” or save an Excel 97-2003 file as “something.xlsx”*

Read below for more help on Excel files not uploading to PALITE.  

Rows in your Excel file that have formatting commands like colors, gridlines, special height/width instructions, or other settings may cause PALITE to believe the row should have data, and be processed. You then get a list of errors telling you there should be data where you didn’t intend to have any data. You know those rows are supposed to be empty.

Sound familiar? Good. You’re in the right place.

PALITE reads through your Excel file until it finds a blank row…then it assumes there’s no more data that needs to be processed. The problem is that colors, gridlines, widths, and other settings make PALITE think that such a row should also have valid data.

The fix is to make sure the line below your data is empty. It’s okay to have formulas or other items below the blank line, but you must have a blank line below the data. Here’s how to make sure that line is empty.

   1) Open the Excel file.

   2) Insert a new line below the data.
         a. For example if the last row of data to be submitted is 29, right-click on 30.
         b. Click the “Insert” item on the pop-up menu.
         c. Formulas, gridlines, colors, everything else should move down one row.

   3) In Excel’s "Home" tab, click the "Clear" icon, then the "Clear All" command.
         a. Click the row’s number again – the entire row should become highlighted.
         b. Click the “Home” menu tab at the top of Excel.


         c. On the right end of the menu, click the “Clear” menu then “Clear All”.


   4) Save the file.

   5) Submit to PALITE.

A Few Other Pointers

   1) You can have data, formulas, comments, anything you want in the file below the data in your Excel file. But you must haveat least one blank line below your data so PALITE knows where the data ends.

   2) If you have multiple tabs of data in your file, PALITE will only look at the tab that was open (visible) when you save your file.

   3) Make sure you are saving your file as an "XLS" or "XLSX" file. Other file formats are not accepted.

               Wrong file type: 

               Right file type:


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