Flat Rate Occupation Tax
The Altoona Area School District and Logan Township have contracted with the Blair County Tax Collection Bureau to collect the Flat Rate Occupation Tax effective 01/01/2020. The combined tax rate is $10.00 for AASD/Altoona City, AASD/Logan Township, and AASD/Tyrone Township. This will reflect accordingly on the 2019 BCTCB Local Earned Income Tax Return.
ACT 18 of 2018
ACT 18 of 2018 requires work location and employer 2 digit code where tax was remitted to appear in box 20 of the W-2; example: (070101-07)

Effective January 1, 2020:

  • The Blair County Tax Collection Bureau is the Local Services Tax (LST) collector for Newry Borough $30.00 annually.
  • The Blair County Tax Collection Bureau is the Local Services Tax (LST) collector for Woodbury Township $52.00 annually.